Monday, 15 October 2012

More time saving tips

Here are some more timesaving tips to get us all organised :-)

11. Go to the gym on your lunchbreak or go for a walk. That way your excercise for the day is done and you have more time in the evening. Plus I think it wakes me up for the afternoon.

12. Do paperwork as soon as it arrives, bills, notes from school etc. Keep a stock of notecards and stamps in a kitchen drawer or other safe place. Pay everything ASAP then write all the dates for tours, trips meetings etc on an organiser calendar to keep track.

13. To better organise electronic photos, delete the ones you don't like immediately then save to your computer and file by year taken.Every time there is a special offer in a printing shop or online I suggest getting a few printed and put them in frames.

14. Never waste a trip up or down the stairs, take something with you, take a basket of washing, empty a bin or take down any delph or glasses left upstairs. Once you get used to this it doesn't seem like work.

15. Pair your socks as soon as the washing is dry - it means you won't have a sock mountain in the bottom of your ironing basket.

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