Friday, 12 October 2012

Top Timesaving tips for Working Parents

I'm addicted to a parenting website and often post on the discussion boards. I posted a thread with some timesaving tips for working parents of my own and other posters joined in with wonderful tips, we've quite a collection so I thought I'd share some, here are the first 10:

1. Pack everything the night before - I am not a morning person so I like to have baby bag and my handbag on the kitchen table and lunch in a bag in the fridge. I keep the buggy and spare car seat in the car. This means I get an extra few minutes in bed and I've less chance of forgetting somthing.

2. Pay someone to do the ironing. I can't afford to do this very often but I know a local lady who irons from home. When it's getting on top of me I pack it all in a bag and drop it round to her. She is very reasonable and it saves me spending hours doing it myself.

3. I love my freezer - I like to give my toddler home made meals every day but I don't see any harm in the occasional fish fingers, beans and waffles tea. I also freeze a couple of slices of bread, he likes his toast in the morning and this way I'm never stuck. I'll also freeze a few dinners (make extra at the weekend) so if I know I've a busy evening I'll take something out of the freezer the night before.

4. Go for a walk after work. I never want to go as I'm wrecked by the time I get home but I put my toddler in the buggy and go straight after work. He loves it and I feel better. Plus if I've defrosted something for dinner I put it in the oven before we head out.

5. Never waste a trip up or down stairs. Place things to be brought up at the bottom of the stairs and grab it next time you are going up. Kids can learn to do this too and can grab what is there on their way.

6. Keep wipes etc in each bathroom so if you think something needs a wiped down you can grab a wipe and do it...instead of having to go downstairs for stuff.

7. If it takes less than a minute, just do it.

8. Enroll the troops.... Let the toddler trail behind you with a duster or whatever...they love to help.

9. Don't sweat the small stuff...if your partner does the hoovering but not to your exacting standards...get over's fine.

10. Always try to make enough dinner for a day or two or else enough to freeze.Stews, casseroles, pasta, curries etc. If possible try to do a couple of different dinners at the same time eg chilli con carne, pasta sauce etc.  A takeaway pizza or chinese hasnt killed any of us yet either!

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