Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Unforgettable Birthday Bliss

Ever have that feeling of dread hit you at bedtime when you realise you forgot to wish someone a happy birthday?

My usual one is to have the month right and the date wrong!

So my problem solving solution is:

Use a wall planner, a calendar, diary or excel spreadsheet. Put it somewhere where you will check every day.

Start off with writing in all the birthdays you do know, then use Facebook or another social networking site to add to your list.

Every time a friend or co-worker has a birthday write it in. If you know the person's age then add their year of birth too. That way you can always calculate their age and won't miss a special birthday.

When a friend has a new baby write it in straight away, even if they haven't picked a name yet (you can always go back to the entry).

Each January get a new calendar or planner and copy all the birthdays from the old one to the new one. 

Once you do this for one year you won't miss a birthday the second year :-)

You can even get super organised and buy all your greeting cards in the January sale.


  1. My problem is that I remember a person's birthday, sometimes even remember to buy the card, but I do so too early and then never get round to sending it. Maybe I should just do it when I remember, even if it's too soon?

  2. Why not, people get so many on their actual birthday, it's a nice surprise to get one early :-)