Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Think I might start a new career as a baker. My nieces cake turned out quite well, she's a big girl now at 4 and requested a "Barbie pink cake". I'm still counting my lucky stars that she didn't request a rocket or a basketball. Barbie was a bit easier.

She was quite impressed with the result. Some of my sisters friends (note, college educated, grown-up accountants) asked me how come Barbie didn't melt in the oven.... seriously?? You passed exams???

Anyway I've made a Pro and Con list. Pro's are I'd be my own boss, I can work from my kitchen, baking is relaxing and I'd always have something nice to eat. Cons are, I don't actually know too much about baking and have only made four cakes in the last year, I might crack under the pressure and I'm guaranteed to gain about 4 stone in weight.

In the meantime I'll keep baking for my little boy and my niece, they appreciate me.


  1. This made me chuckle. I wouldn't recommend being a cake baker, I know someone who does and even though I'm guessing she makes a lot of money from it her kitchen is trashed and she's very stressed lol

  2. Hi Lis,

    It was my career goal for all of half an hour when I wrote this, then I realised I'd only eat everything I made and decided to stick to the day job!