Monday, 22 August 2011

What do Nigella Lawson, Delia Smith and Me have in common?

Absolutely nothing if my recent experiment is anything to go by. Note to self, food colouring is not easy to use!!
I couldn't find a green food colour anywhere so I improvised, blue and yellow make green right? Right they do but not a happy shiny green more of a fungus green, it did not look delicious.
I also thought it might be "fun" to colour the inside of my cake blue...... Hmmmm. Not only did my hands look like they'd just murdered a Smutf but I managed to stay on my fungus theme it was bluemould coloured cake with fungus coloured icing :-( I'm starting to worry now.

Ok - cake update, it actually didn't turn out too bad - for a first attempt, and it tasted lovely. Although I forgot to add the wheels and didn't notice until after it was cut (they were Oreos).

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